Digital Portfolio – Written Communication

Research Proposal

My proposal “Electrospun PLA/CSA-13 Antimicrobial Coatings for Spinal Instrumentation” was a part of my winning application for the Goldwater Scholarship. It highlights my research with electrospun nanofibers and explores their potential applications in spinal surgery.

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Study Abroad Article

In this feature article from LSU’s study abroad website, I detail my seven month research internship at imec in Leuven, Belgium. In an effort to encourage fellow LSU students to pursue international research and study, I detail my scientific experience, as well as my cultural experiences and personal growth.

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Policy Analysis Paper

This policy paper from my Honors 2000 course analyzes the state of HIV/AIDS prevention education in the Washington, DC public school system. I propose a removal of constricting regulations in favor of an autonomous community partner model. This proposal is supported by evidence from national and international initiatives, insights from leading voices in the field, and analysis of successful local programs.

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