Digital Portfolio

Welcome to my digital portfolio! I've compiled the very best of my work at LSU here in order to earn the prestigious Distinguished Communicator certification from LSU's Communication Across the Curriculum initiative. Samples vary from introductory and advanced engineering courses to courses in the humanities, along with presentations on my research experiences and travel. They are organized broadly into written, spoken, visual, and technological forms of communication.


A selection of my very best writing. Samples include my winning Goldwater proposal, a feature article I wrote for LSU's Academic Programs Abroad office, and a health policy analysis paper I wrote for an honors course.

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A selection of presentations demonstrating excellence in public speaking. Included are a scientific talk, policy analysis discussion, and general audience presentation.

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A collection of works demonstrating visual communication. The focus here is the essential medium of the scientific poster. Included are posters from my time at Harvard and imec, as well as my LSU research that won the Goldwater Scholarship.

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Included here are samples that demonstrate skill in technological communication, especially in computer aided engineering design. The designs included are from early and late in my LSU career and include designs for classes as well as for my research.

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